Portable Cold Storage Hire

Spacewise refrigerated containers are perfect for storing a wide range of products, from securely housing food and drink at outside events, to high value temperature sensitive inventories. All our units have temperatures that range between -35°c to +30°c.

10ft Portable Cold Storage Hire

Our smallest units are commonly used whenever there is limited space to operate in, as they are compact, portable, and fit easily around pre-existing structures.

20ft Portable Cold Storage Hire

20ft containers can hold twice as much cargo as our smaller units, but they still retain most of the flexibility and are still easy to transport with the right equipment.

40ft Portable Cold Storage Hire

Whenever temperature-sensitive bulky goods need to be stored or transported, 40ft refrigerated containers are a good solution.

Hire Portable Cold Storage for Pharmaceuticals

Our portable cold storage units can be supplied with remote monitoring facilities and come with locking mechanisms as standard, to ensure the safety and quality of your stock.

Hire Portable Cold Storage to store Food

At Spacewise we provide large and small food companies across the UK with a range of three different cold storage options.

Hire Portable Cold Storage for Trade shows

Renting refrigerated containers is often the best solution for resolving the challenges associated with exhibiting products or services in an environment with fluctuating outside temperatures.

Hire Portable Cold Storage for Supermarkets

Our portable cold storage containers are a great way to make sure food and drink are stored safely and securely on-site at the perfect temperature, regardless of the outside climate.

Hire Portable Cold Storage for Wholesalers

Renting refrigerated containers on a short-term basis is a common practice that offers great advantages and removes the need for heavy investment into building traditional brick and mortar facilities.

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